Hi! We are Jeff & Caitlin, owners of Iowa Pepper Company. We're both originally from Iowa, but the story of Iowa Pepper Co. starts in Korea. We lived there for a year and experienced new spice that we hadn't before (give us a break, we're from Iowa). After moving back to Iowa, we started making our own kimchi, kombucha and hot sauce. We realized we couldn't find the peppers we wanted in stores to create the sauce we wanted, so in 2020 we decided to rent a plot at a community garden and grow our own peppers.

Later that same year, we made our first batch of sauce from the peppers we grew and had a few extra bottles to give out to friends and family. We decided to add a label to the sauces just for fun and Iowa Pepper Co. was born! We had so much fun growing peppers and creating new sauce recipes we made a plan to make this into a real company.

Fast forward a couple years later and we're growing 100 pepper plants in our backyard and have gotten to the point to be able to distribute our sauce. We love Iowa, and we're grateful to live in a bountiful state where we can get local produce from farmers. Our goal is to provide real heat, paired with flavorful local ingredients, to create sauces that will spice up your taste buds and add a unique experience to any dish. Please share our sauces with your friends and family and let us know what you think! Feel free to message us on Instagram or send us an email at iowapepperco@gmail.com.

Stay spicy,

Jeff & Caitlin